Monday, 4 January 2016

How To Repair Scratches or Curled Edges on Vinyl Flooring?

Having vinyl flooring in a room can not only enhance the appearance of its interiors, but also complement the existing decor of a house. Flooring materials made of vinyl come in a wide range of colours as well as design and styles. They also have high durability and can endure heavy foot traffic. However, extreme wear and tear can at times result in minimal to major damages such as scratches or tears that impart a very unappealing look to the entire floor covering. Fortunately, it is possible to repair these kind of damages if one is aware of the correct restoration methods.

In order to repair a mangled vinyl flooring impeccably, it is extremely vital to make use of the right tools for the job. The foremost important step is to prepare the damaged portion by separating it from the remaining material with masking tape. It helps in avoiding unnecessary accidental mutilations to the surrounding region. After that, any dirt in the area must be cleaned with a soapy solution and a piece of damp cloth. Once the dust and dirt trapped within the tears or scratches, the surface must be sanded with a sandpaper. At first, the rough corners will have to be rubbed out by moving the sandpaper along the outline of the scratches. While doing so, the pressure applied should be minimal accompanied by slow and gentle movements. The residual dust must be cleaned with a piece of rag. For restoring the shine of the repaired area, a small amount of wax can work wonders. It should be applied using a clean cloth and in circular motions. In case the wax spreads to the adjoining areas, it must be wiped off with another a rag.

Repairing curled edges of a vinyl floor covering is not as difficult as it seems. To begin with, the underlying glue must be softened by applying heat. One can make use of an iron or hair dryer. If an iron is being employed for the application of heat, a parchment paper must be placed on the vinyl surface for protection. After that, a coat of vinyl adhesive has to be applied on the floor using a brush. The floor covering must be placed firmly on the adhesive and pressed with a floor roller for removing air bubbles.

Although the above mentioned repair jobs are neither too tedious nor overwhelming, they undoubtedly require usage of proper tools and techniques. If one is feeling unsure, they can hire professionals dealing with vinyl repairs in Perth to take care of the task.

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