Friday, 16 October 2015

Options For Fencing

Fences are popularly known as the structural barriers that are used in exteriors of any property to prevent entrance or escape. They are available in different types and each provide a unique look. Check some of the modern types of fences which are being used nowadays.

  • Wood Fencing: This is the most popular kind of fencing. Homeowners looking for privacy with a height can opt for it. They can even last the the lifetime of the house. But beware that the size and height of the fence is directly proportional to the price. 

  • PVC Fencing: If you are looking for a fencing structure that is cheap and requires a low maintenance then you must choose PVC fencing option. These fences are not that sturdy and are basically molded into the panels simulating a wooden fence. They come in a variety of colours and heights. 

  • Wrought Iron Fencing: They have become quite popular nowadays. A lot of stylish and contemporary wrought iron fencing designs are available to decorate your property. These fences are beautiful and strong but as far as the security of the property is concerned, they are not a popular choice for conservative homeowners. 

  • Steel Fencing: These fences are made of steel material. If you are looking to give your property a modern look then you are into the right track. Opt for Colorbond steel fencing in Wanneroo

  • Brick Fencing: People who refer traditional look rather than a modern look opt for brick fencing. It is expensive and appropriate for historic neighborhoods & stately properties. This type of fencing even offers a high degree of security and privacy.

  • Chain Link Fencing: This type of fencing is known as wire netting or chain wire fencing. They are usually connected internally in a zing-zag form with one another and form a diamond like shape. These fences are popular because of its low cost. One of the major advantages of using chain link fence is its transparency, which makes things look visible and doesn’t block sunlight to enter in the premises.

  • Electric Fencing: Electric fencing can offer great security to a property. These fences are built with electrical wires and electric current are passed through it, which means anyone touching the fence is surely to an electrical shock immediately. 

  • Bamboo Fencing: These fences look attractive and are environmentally friendly. They are suitable for the farmhouses in the country. Rolled bamboo, bamboo cane and live bamboo are the three popular styles of bamboo fencing available. But no matter what the the style is, they are cheap. 

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