Monday, 3 November 2014

Tips to Repair Burned Carpets

What if your carpet gets damaged due to cigarette burns or any other kinds of burns? Call in a professional who can do the carpet patching work for you.

However,professional carpet repairing may be a bit expensive affair but what else can be done for fixing the damage? You can definitely repair the damage by yourself but for it a lot of patience is what you need. If you are looking forward to get the job done by yourself, here are a few tips for you.  

If it is only the tips of carpet fibers that are burned, cut off the charred fiber carefully by using a small sharp scissor. Sponge the area lightly with a solution of mild detergent and clean water. The low spots won’t be noticeable after the drying of the carpet.

But if a large area is damaged, you will need to replace the burnt part with a patch cut from a piece of scrap carpet. This job requires a bit of skill from your part. 

Here is how you shall proceed:

Cut out a portion from the scrap piece n rectangular or square shape. The piece should be a bit larger than the burned part. So that the patch blends in with the existing carpet without being highly noticed, make sure that the pattern matches.

The scrap portion should be pressed firmly over the damaged part. Hold it very carefully in place and make use of a utility knife for cutting around the edges. Cut fully through the backing but make sure not to cut into carpet padding.

When the damaged part gets cut off entirely, lift the piece that has been burned out of that hole. Check out the patch for exact fit and if needed, trim the edges a bit.
For installing the patch, use an adhesive to padding on each side of hole. Then place the patch and press the edges onto padding firmly. Allow the adhesive to dry for a few hours before walking over the patched portion.

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  1. My kids found some matches the other day, and managed to put a few burn marks in the carpet before I could stop them. Good to know that those burn marks can be repaired without having to replace all of the carpet. I'll have to try cutting the burnt fibers off like you suggest. The burn mark isn't that big, so I think this might just be the best solution for me. Thank you for the advice on fixing burn marks on my carpet.,emergency.html