Tuesday, 5 January 2016

How To Maintain Your Fence This Summer?

During summer season temperature starts to increase and there is a huge possibility of humidity and heat hampering the entire fencing structure. Even if it is made up of steel, chain link or wrought iron, heat as well as humidity of Perth summers can wreak havoc on the joints, hinges and start to rust the metal itself. So, don't ignore summer fence maintenance in this season as it can cause more troubles to you. The metal parts of your fences may start to rust. A wooden fence can start to decompose and overgrown vegetation on fences may cause damage as well. Ignoring it may thus lead to loss of money. 

Although below mentioned are many tips to summer fence maintenance, it would be best for you to play it safe by calling in a professional company who deals with fencing in Perth and is ready to take care of all your problems swiftly at an affordable rate. 

However, here are a few simple yet useful summer maintenance tips for your fences, which you can implement. Have a look: 

Method 1: Remove all the dirt and debris that have come to rest on the fences. If you ignore to clean them on proper time it may cause serious issues like metal rotting, insect infestation or mildew growth. 

Method 2: Check out the branches of the trees appearing on the top of the fences. If you find branches are looming over the fences, just trim the trees. This is important to prevent any serious damage which may be caused due to any heavy storm or other environmental disturbances with branches falling on the fences and damaging it. 

Method 3: Inspect for cracks, rusts, insects or warping. This task is a big one. So it is best to contact  a local fencing company.

Method 4: Re-check the hinges and latches on the gates. This is because these areas may become weak and may need to be repaired or replaced earlier than any other place on your fence. 

Method 5: It is very important to wash your fence on a regular basis in order to remove the excess dirt and dust from it. If necessary use a pressure washer. It can wash your fence thoroughly, specially those areas where it is hard to reach. 

If you feel any big repairs are required or a Colorbond fencing needs to be installed for giving your home a fresh look, call All Perth Fencing for best quality service and the best value for money.  

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