Wednesday, 14 May 2014

5 Reasons to Use a Carpet Underlay

Most of the time people make the common mistake of installing a new carpet over an old underlay when it gets damaged by water. It is very important to buy a new underlay while installing a new carpet to provide the carpet with strong support. A firm support should be given to the carpet to get maximum benefit out of it. After using for a longer period of time, these carpet pads become flattened and cannot provide enough support. 

Different types of underlay carpet pads are available in the market. But you have to choose the material carefully in order to increase the performance of the carpet.  

Five important reasons behind using an underlay are discussed below: 

1. An extra cushioning factor is present in an underlay. While walking barefoot on the carpet you can get a soft and comfortable feeling. It is a luxurious feeling which you can feel each time. 

2. The sound insulating factor is also a great advantage of using a carpet pads. It not only reduces the sound inside the room but also prevents it from transferring towards another room. Beside this factor, it also works as a heat insulator. The underlay diminishes the loss of heat through the floor boards and also prevents the dryness of foot. 

3. Carpet pad resists all kinds of wear and tear and helps to maintain a proper appearance of the carpet for a longer period of time. 

4. As these rug pads or carpet pads lie on the top of the floor and protects the carpet from dust. It functions as a dust insulating factor. It helps to reduce the duct particles that are carried by wind.

5. The underlayment provides great support to the carpet hence protects it from any kind of damage. In most of the domestic areas the carpets are installed by following specific methods. Using a rug pad raises the floor level which increases the look of the carpet.  

Numerous mistakes are made by most of the people while repairing their water damaged carpet in Perth. There are numerous companies in Perth available today that offers exclusive solutions regarding carpet repair, carpet patching and installation. You can hire one of them to assist you.

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