Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How to Repair a Vinyl Floor?

Today many people prefer to use high-quality vinyl flooring in their living room or office floors. These types of floors are not easily damaged and are very easy to clean and maintain. A regular sweeping and wiping is enough to maintain these vinyl flooring. But, if any kind of damage occurs or holes appear on these floors, they be repaired easily as well. The only thing that you have to do is to appoint an expert who offers vinyl repairs.

There are lot of company who are offering vinyl laying and repairing services in Perth, we are going to discuss here how you can carry out the repairing job yourself.

To begin with the repairing process, certain tools and equipment's are required. The materials that you must collect include a remnant part of a vinyl floor, notched trowel, utility knife; lacquer thinner, vinyl floor adhesive and liquid seam sealer. The steps of repairing are discussed below:  

1.  The first step to be followed while doing the repairing is to clean the selected portions of the floor. You must clean that part using soap and water and allow it to dry completely.

2.   Secondly, you have to cut the remnant flooring slightly bigger than the damaged floor space. Make sure that the pattern you choose to fit matches with the damaged floor portion. Then place the piece on the damaged area with the help of a masking tape.

3.   To ensure the exact size of the replacement flooring piece, cut both the pieces of flooring with a  utility knife.     

4.   After that remove the masking tape along with both the flooring pieces. Then use the utility knife to open the edges free of the damaged vinyl. After removing the damaged piece put the remaining glue on the underneath surface area.

5.   Fifthly, take the floor adhesive and spread it with the help of a notched towel over the whole area. In case if the area is too small, you can use a knife to spread the vinyl adhesive and allow it to set up as suggested by the manufacturers.

6.   Then put the remaining piece of vinyl and remove the extra adhesive by using a sponge. Install it carefully and put a heavy weight on the top to provide a constant pressure.

This above-mentioned guideline will definitely help you to repair the vinyl flooring by yourself.


  1. Great tips for installing a vinyl floor. I want to try this in my kitchen someday. Hopefully it turns out as good as the floor you are starting to put in.

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