Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Invisible Mending of Carpets

While vacuuming the carpet of your living room, you find a hole, snag or an accidental iron or cigarette burn on it. The first possible solution that would come to your mind is to get a brand new replacement for the damaged item lying in front of you. However, purchasing a new carpet is not something that can be done without burning a hole in your own pocket. Rather than doing that, you can pursue something different for salvaging your damaged flooring and bringing it back to life.

Many professional carpet repair firms offer a service known as invisible mending in Perth, which is generally used for repairing holes in carpets. During the 70s, it was a pretty common practice and almost every repair shop offered this service. Nowadays, this practice has transformed into a rare craft related to tapestry weaving. In general, mending is one of the popular commercial techniques of restoring rugs. But invisible mending is quite of a delicate service, offered only by experienced technicians.

Basically speaking, invisible mending involves reconstructing the fabric of a damaged carpet. A significant number of threads are taken from any unflawed portion of the carpet concealed by the cut or burnt side. The threads removed earlier are later woven back in the damaged region so that they match with the actual strands of the area. After the restoration work has been completed successfully, the repaired part becomes almost invisible even if looked for carefully. The only way to detect the invisible mending is by turning over the carpet and looking for the hanging long threads where the weaving was originally performed. These threads remain visible due to the fact that invisible mending is not done with tacking.

Though it is true that not all firms that offer carpet repair services in Perth provide invisible mending nowadays, finding someone who actually does it skillfully is not an overwhelming task at all if you are willing to do a little bit of research. While hunting for such a company, make sure that you contact one who has got experienced workers as well as sound reputation among its customers. Because invisible mending has to be done with a great amount of precision, none other than a putative company can do the job better. The professionals from such companies can be expected to be more familiar with the various fundamentals of the method, and also well-versed with improved techniques.

So, if you want to get your carpet repaired that has already been damaged by cigarette or iron burn, go for invisible mending in Perth. If you want, you can also opt for carpet patching service to get your job done. 

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