Tuesday, 27 May 2014

3 Steps to Re-stretch Your Carpet

The regular wear and tear for a longer period of time tends to cause wrinkles to occur on the carpet. The carpets gradually become loose and bulges appear on the surface which calls for re-stretching of the carpets. Most of the people can re-stretch their carpets alone but for some it is a tough task.
In that case calling a company that provides services of re-stretching carpet in Perth is a wise option.

Some easy steps are discussed here which will help do-it-yourselvers carry out the task of re-stretching easily.

1. Pull back the carpet: Firstly you have to lift a corner of the carpet to free it from litters and waste stuffs in a gentle manner. The fibers can come out of the carpets if it is not done carefully. It is highly important to pull the carpet in a gentle manner to make it free from tack strip. Make sure that the staples or tacks are pulled out with the help of a screw driver before pulling the carpet pads. If you start pulling it without removing the staples they tend to get torn and ultimately damage the pads.

2. Eliminate and replace the old tack strips: Try to wear work gloves while replacing old tack strips with new ones because it is not an easy task. If the entire floor is covered up with the tack strips then it is important to lay the foot print of project on your floor. It is important to set the right tack strips that come in 4ft lengths.

3. Rearrange and Stretch the Carpet: Lastly, make sure that the pads are tidy while re-installing the carpets to ensure that they fit properly next to the tack strips. Turn the carpet and make cut diagonally away from the corner. Cut excess portion with utility knife. Then make use of a power stretcher for the best re-stretching result.

Following these points will make the process of re-stretching of your carpet much easier.

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