Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Different Types Of Patio Furniture

Patio furniture are available in a wide range of options from full length couches to dining sets, lounge chairs and traditional table covered with an umbrella. The type which the buyer is going to select will greatly depend on the volume of space available and also the allotted budget. Although patio furniture is generally budget-friendly, some large and plush sets may cost almost as much as the furniture in a living room. The different styles generally range from solid wood to iron and wicker. One can also get customised options from firms that manufacture bespoke furniture in Reading. Thus, it very much depends on personal choice as to which one the buyer will prefer.

The different types of patio furniture available in the market are as follows:


Patio sofas generally come in a plethora of styles and shapes. Some may bear striking  resemblance with living room furniture, while others may be more flimsy. A love seat, full-sized couch or sectional sofa are among the great number of options that one can choose from. It would depend on the budget of the buyer, the required comfort level and the number of people who would be using the sofa. Some sofas may be available as separate units. Others can be part of an entire set meant to be kept outside.


Patio chairs may be like regular ones similar to those found with dining sets, or they can be more overstuffed as well as congenial. The buyer can also opt for outdoor recliners for more comfort and luxury. Papasan or hammock chairs are also among the popular options. Some people even go for club chairs, which add an overall contemporary appearance.


Nowadays, lounge chairs are available in many different fabrics and styles. They can be made of mesh, wood, wicker or other materials and may even be purchased for matching the style of the rest of the patio furniture. Upholstered options are remarkably elegant and comfortable, but they are a bit expensive than the others.


Patio tables look a lot like dining tables and can be bought along with an entire set. They are manufactured using a variety of materials like plastic, glass, iron or wood. They also come in many different sizes and shapes, but round ones are the most common and may have a hole in their centre for fitting an umbrella that would provide protection from the sun while people are sitting or eating on a hot summer day.

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