Friday, 29 May 2015

What Kind of Upholstery Suits You The Best?

Deciding upon the kind of upholstery that harmonises well with your requirements as well as your home decor can be quite a daunting task. For instance, if you have children, then some fancy and luxurious upholstery is probably not going to be your pick. survive at your home. So, selecting the right upholstery according to your requisites is crucial. Here are some of the popular choices of upholstery in Sydney :

Wool - Wool upholstered items being quite expensive, most people tend to strike out this choice from their list. They can get easily stained and are tough to clean. Moreover, they cannot bear exposure to bleaching chemicals. However, wool is resilient, highly durable, does not suffer discolouration easily and is fire-resistant by nature.
Leather - Leather upholstered furniture sport an elegant and expensive look, and can also withstand wear, tear and stains. But leather requires extensive maintenance, which encompasses special cleaning techniques to prevent colour fading.
Cotton - Cotton upholstery are available in different varieties and patterns for suiting nearly everyone’s taste. They are generally moth-resistant and quite easy to maintain.
Polyester - It is a synthetic alternative for upholstery which resists discolouration and is also produced in a wide range of colours. However, polyester can easily get stained by oils, such as those from salad dressing and hand lotion. The fabric is also prone to wrinkles, shrinkage and crumpling.

Rayon - Rayon is an excellent inexpensive alternative to natural fabrics like wool, leather and cotton. Rayon upholstered items are mildew and fading resistant. They are also available in an array of colours.

Olefin - This fabric is fairly new when compared to other upholstery materials but is more commonly used in furniture and carpets. Though olefin can get damaged easily by friction, it is resistant to moisture, heat, insects, bleach and stains. But because of its inability to absorb dye properly, olefin is available in limited colours and designs.

At the time of purchasing, do not hesitate to inspect the longevity of the item. While inspection, check whether you can feel the framework of the furniture item through its upholstery. If you are buying a couch, then examine the cushions provided with them carefully.

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