Thursday, 28 May 2015

Things to Take Care of Before Buying A Dresser for Your Bedroom

After the bed, a dresser is the most important constituent of a bedroom, for it not only serves as the storage area for linens, clothes and other items of regular usage, but also provides a space for you to arrange your looks. For these reasons, buyers must exercise care before buying a dresser so that the selected piece functions optimally and easily harmonises with decoration of the bedroom. The steps of pre-planning include analysing the storage needs, deciding the most appropriate style and measuring the space available in the bedroom. You can even get the desired dresser prepared for you by furniture dealers who sell furniture made to order in Berkshire.

When purchasing a dresser, you must also recognise the signs which indicate whether quality materials have been used for its construction or not. By following a few essentials, you can easily find a suitable dresser for your bedroom.

Size and Available Space

Before you go about shopping for a suitable dresser to fill in your bedroom, take measurements of the available space in your bedroom and then determine the approximate area you want the dresser to cover, including height, breadth and depth. If there is any door or window close to the place where you plan to place your dresser, make sure there is enough space to open them. When purchasing the dresser, in order to ensure that it fits within the size range, check the product descriptions carefully. Also determine whether you need a dresser with big drawers or small drawers, keeping in mind your storage requirements.


Generally there are four different styles for dressers, which include, traditional, country, contemporary and modern. The traditional kind of dressers feature styles hailing from the 17th to 19th century, such as baroque designs, architectural ornamentations and meticulous carvings. Dressers with country style include characteristics inspired by countryside elements and are usually painted in white or have wooden finishes. Contemporary dressers have a light appearance for an uncluttered, calm and decorative mood, and usually feature neat, geometric lines devoid of any ornamentation. Modern dressers typically emphasise the Machine Age with their asymmetrical designs and glossy surfaces. You need to choose the style that will match with your room's interior d├ęcor.  

Material and Quality

Dressers are made using a variety of materials like wood, veneer, bamboo, wicker and glass. Wood is the most durable and sturdy material, and can even outlive its fibreboard equivalents. When you are buying a dresser, look for those with solid wood backings and drawers, as these have the maximum durability. Glue, staples and nails are all indications of low quality construction. Check if the wood used in the dresser was kiln-dried, for it helps to prevent splitting and peeling.

So, always keep these few points in mind while choosing a dresser for your bedroom. 

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