Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Different Kinds of Carpet Problems and How to Deal With Them

Carpet enhances the beauty of a room. But if it gets stained, burned or discolored it won’t look good. In that case, what many people do immediately is move big chairs over the spots to cover up that look. If you are facing any of these carpeting problems and want to restore its original looks, all you can do is follow one of these below mentioned simple methods.

You may have used a spot remover to restore the original look of the carpet and what you have found out after using it is that the color of the flooring material has changed. In such a case, you can touch up the small places with acrylic paint. If this paint doesn't seem to work, you can use a permanent-ink marker or a felt-tip marker that matches the color of your carpet. But you need to go slowly and blend the color into fibers.

If there is any kind of depressions left in carpet by the heavy furniture, you can try out the process of steaming. Hold the steam iron very close to the flooring material but remember that it shouldn't touch the fibers because if touched it may melt especially if synthetic. Lift up the fibers by scraping them with a spoon or coin’s edge.

You may also find the carpet thread to loosen up sometimes. When this kind of situation arises, snip it level using a pile. Don’t ever try pulling out the thread; if you do so, you risk unraveling that part of the carpet.
If you are experiencing a large carpet burn, you can cut out the damaged part and substitute that patch with an identical piece of carpet keeping the shape and size of the patched area in your mind. This job involves a lot of skill and it may not be a do-it-yourself job for everyone. In that case, there are many professionals who do carpet patching jobs. You can get in touch with any of these professionals in your area.

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