Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Vinegar Can Work Wonders Against Carpet Dirt

Most of us generally use special shampoo solutions or hire professionals in Perth for maintaining the cleanliness of our residential carpets. But there are some DIY enthusiasts who try to achieve commercial-grade results by renting carpet steam cleaning machines. However, the solutions required to be used along with the machine do not come cheap.

But there is something which can be used as an alternative to the expensive cleaning solutions, something that is cheap, readily available and has a potential which most DIY-ers seem to ignore - vinegar. Let’s see how this substance can be utilised effectively for eliminating carpet stains or pre-treating the heavy traffic areas:

1. First, the affected area of the carpet must be sprinkled evenly with baking soda. Once that has been done, a solution containing 50% water and 50% vinegar should be sprayed over the same region for saturation.

2. Next, the paste formed from the solution and baking soda has to be scrubbed with a soft brush in circular motion, allowed to dry and then vacuumed for collecting the dried paste prior to steam cleaning.

3. The reservoir of the steam cleaning must now be removed and filled with a solution of 50% hot water and 50% vinegar. It is important to flip the reservoir a few times after replacing its cap, so as to combine the solution properly.

4. After fitting the reservoir back into the steam cleaning machine, the hot solution has to be dispensed slowly over a small area of the carpet. The machine must be moved slowly over that area for achieving best results. The same thing should be done with other areas of the carpet until the reservoir becomes empty.

5. Now the tank containing dirty water must be removed and emptied in the toilet. Again, the reservoir will have to be filled with the hot water and vinegar solution in order to repeat step 4 until the whole carpet has been properly cleaned.

6. The carpet must now be left to dry for around 12 hours before allowing regular foot traffic.

The above steps are designed to be used by an expert DIY individual for removing stubborn stains from a carpet. They might, however, not work effectively if used to clean heavy dirt, mildew, pollutants, spills and the like. In that case, one would be more in luck by hiring professional carpet cleaners in Perth to take care of the cleaning task. The technicians would know how to eliminate all the contaminants efficiently and also have the equipment for doing it.

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