Thursday, 3 March 2016

Top Furniture Trends of 2016

As each year passes and makes way for a new one, so do the existing furniture trends. This year, designers are expecting to see some serious change in the ways people used for furnishing their homes last year. Let’s have a look at the top furniture trends of 2016:

Multifunctional & Versatile

Everyone has started to break away from the traditional rules of home decor and is looking for ways to create multifunctional living rooms. Thus, homeowners are going for furniture pieces that can be used for more than one purpose. These pieces are being manufactured in designs that can work well with any interior decor style.

Smooth Fabrics

This trend is expected to stay hot all the year round and calls for usage of smooth and sleek fabrics for upholstery of readymade as well as custom made furniture. There a wide range of options for everyone to choose from, such as linen, wool, cotton, leather, synthetic fibres, etc. and that too in beautiful bright hues or neutral colours.

Space Saving

Nowadays, most people hunt for furnishing items that can save space without compromising the aesthetic appeal of a space. And this thing has turned into a trend as well in 2016. People are going for options featuring straight lines and geometric shapes, which can leave sufficient amount of floor space for moving around conveniently.

Vintage Style Inspired & Exotic Designs

The love of homeowners for vintage has never went out of fashion, but increased even more with passage of time. This love has started to inspire many a furniture maker for creating modern and unique Art Deco and Art Nouveau styled furniture items. Exotic design ideas are also being incorporated, some of which have been inspired by interior decor styles of other continents like Asia and Europe.


Lightweight furniture have become very common in residential spaces throughout UK. These pieces are being manufactured using wood, glass, metal and other materials. Their design is such that they can be moved easily moved from one place to another with minimal effort.

Apart from the above mentioned primary trends, certain subsidiary fads have also crept in, such as mingling of traditional and novel contemporary styles, modernistic approach and transformation from heavy to visually light colours. Besides that, modern furniture manufacturers are even using contemporary materials, innovative frames and bright fabrics for revolutionising the existing home decor ideas and helping homeowners to achieve original and spectacular rooms.

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