Monday, 17 November 2014

What I Did After I Dropped The Hot Iron On My Favorite Carpet?

I live in Perth.I have interest in cooking and home decoration. When I get free time, I cook different kinds of cuisines of my son and husband (both of them are a big foodie) and implement the different ideas that I get from magazines and web for enhancing the beauty of my rooms.  Let me tell you one thing here that I am a bit finicky about home décor ideas. In fact, guests coming to our house always WOW the interior décor and to be very true I really feel very happy.

Here I am going to share with you one of my home décor experiences that I had. Once what happened one day is that I dropped my hot iron on the carpet! The result was the deadly burn mark on it. I had bought the carpet online few years before. It was one of my favorites and so I didn’t want to replace it. After all, replacing the whole carpet just because of that burn mark was even not a good idea-I knew a lot of money would be spent. I wanted to find some other alternative.

I was aware that with carpet patching, situations could be made better but I didn't know whether it would be a great thing to do. Not being aware of its consequences, I started asking my colleagues about it and also participated in forums. The forum discussion was really of great help to me. I found positive replies from people who had experienced similar situations like me and that they were able to solve the issue with carpet patching. Some people even mentioned the names of the company from whom they took assistance from for doing the carpet patching work in Perth.  

There were also many people who did the carpet patching work all by themselves. One of them even mentioned the entire method of how she did it. She said to cut out the portion of fibers, which have been damaged using a scissor and then to cut out some more fibers from another area which is out of the sight such as under the sofa, behind the cupboard etc and then to use superglue to the area, which has been damaged for placing the fiber that has been cut from under the sofa or other area. To make the patched portion look even, she even told to trim the fibers after the drying of the glue.

Kudos to all of them who did the carpet patching job all by themselves but I didn’t have that much of skill or courage to do it myself. In fact, opting for professional assistance was rather a safer option for me. So, what I did is typed in some of the names of the companies that my friends in forum told me in Google to find customer reviews. After doing a thorough research work, I thought of hiring Perth Carpet Master for doing my carpet patching job.

To be very true, I was quite satisfied with their work. In fact, I too cannot identify the area that they have patched for me. Using their service I also came to know that they offer invisible mending in Perth as well, which a very few companies provide nowadays.

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