Tuesday, 22 July 2014

FAQs Regarding Carpet Patching and Repairing

It is a common fact that using carpets for a longer period of time makes them weak. They can get damaged due to a number of reasons. Accidental spills of liquid items may cause a stain on the surface, or any accidental cigarette burn can cause holes on it and sometimes overflowing of washing machine or any kind of natural disaster can even partially damage the material. 

No matter what, if you want your carpet to be in the normal state again, you need to hire a professional carpet repairing company.The professional experts can do a number of jobs like invisible mending, carpet patching, wet carpet restoration, re-stretching and many more. 

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding carpet patching and repairing: 

1. I have recently discovered some buckles on my rug. Is there any solution to this problem? If you are experiencing such situations then, you can hire a professional to re-stretch your carpet in order to hold back its original shape. They exactly know how to lay the carpet properly with power stretcher. 

2. How to fix damaged seam on the rug? Seams or wrinkles not only make the rug look unattractive but it is also dangerous at the same time. While walking on it people may stumble and fall down on the ground. Only a professional carpet re stretching expert can be helpful in such situations.

3. There are indentations on my carpet. Do I need to replace it? Most of the time indentations occur due to heavy furniture. They tend to leave deep impression on the surface of the carpet. If it has occurred in a small area then with carpet patching services, it may become usual. But if they are extensive where carpet patching might not of any help, then replacing it is the only solution. 

4. How to remove burnt marks from the carpet? If the affected area is small then it is possible to repair using carpet patching techniques. To carry out the patching process effectively some companies use pieces from other areas of the carpet that’s being laid.  

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