Friday, 25 October 2019

How To Turn the Inside Of Your Home Into A Haunted House This Halloween?


If you want to make your home ready for Halloween this year but are scared of how much money and time decorating may require, don’t fear. Here are some creative decoration ideas for Halloween that won’t cost you much. To start, just look around your house and discover all the spots that you can use for creating a spooky look and feel.


Make your staircase look spooky. Cut out black paper to make spiders and stick them all along the walls of the staircase. Display pumpkins on staircases. Carve a dreadful face, a spooky design or a silhouette on the pumpkins and light inside. Keep a fake skull on the newel post of the stair. Light a few white candles with blood oozing down through them. Put these candles over a paper towel and light a red candle over them until enough wax has been dripped over it to give the look of fake blood oozing down the sides.


To get the Halloween look make your home’s ordinary floor look extraordinary by placing an old birdcage in the corner of a room. The door should be hanging open and there must be some fake rats at the bottom. If you have a vintage traditional style Indus black grey, beige, or grey rug carpet cover it up with fake blood. You can also have a spooky floor mat with a picture of a ghost or spider on it.


Buy some white coloured lace scraps from a fabric shop & wrap them up around the light weighed foam balls. Then put black sewing pins on each and every ghost’s head for their little eyes and hang them from the ceiling. Those hanging ghosts would give a vintage and eerie feel. You can also hang spiderwebs or witches’ hats all over the ceiling.


There are some tricks that you can use to make your furniture look creepy, abandoned and ready for Halloween. What you can do is cover up your chairs and couches with white sheets. Pick old sheets as that would give your home the look that it hasn’t been used for long. If there are natural-looking holes in the sheets it would be an added advantage. You can also cover up your tables with old and torn black tablecloths and drape your bookcase in spiderwebs.

Create the festive scene at your home with these easy decorations. These are some of the home decorating ideas for Halloween that won’t cost you much. So, decorate the inside of your house with these fun and easy tricks and give your home a spook-tacular look.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

How you can enhance your property value?

Over time, you can find some structural damages in your property such as leakage in the foundation, fixture damages, clogged gutters, internal cracks and loose shingles are. They can be caused by many reasons. The value of your property is decreased due to these damages. So, it is very important for you to fix such damages by maintaining your property. Proper maintenance can enhance its beauty and value. Apart from that, this will also help to attract the buyer’s eye, if you are planning to sell it. Thus the resale value of your property will increase. Know some major steps to maintain your property value. 

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1. Protect your property from termites: 
Termites are the best enemies of your property. They mostly prefer all kinds of wooden structures like window, door frames etc. Initially, they can not be identified. Termites can create internal cracks. If you do not deal with them properly then they will surely create major structural damages in your property. To make your building completely termite free, simply hire termites and pest control experts. They can make your life easier & save your money by protecting your property from termites. In Picton, you will find many companies who offer pest control services at a low cost. They can properly inspect and prevent the termite infestation.

2. Clean properly: For maintaining the attractive and aesthetic look of your property, you need to  clean deeply at least once in a month. Regular vacuuming also helps to clean the surface dust from the floor and furniture. If you are looking for an advanced cleaning at an affordable rate then pressure washing is the best choice for you. It helps to clean driveways, parking zones, walls, basement of your property.

3. Repainting of interior and exterior: Applying a single coat of colour on the exterior and interior walls of your property is one of the cost effective ways to maintain it looks. Definitely, this is the easiest way that will give your house a fresh appearance and you do not spend lots of money for that. You can also paint the ceiling with a attractive colour that will help to bright up your room. According to the experts, you should repaint the interior and exterior parts of your property at least once in every five years. Repainting makes your home attractive and beautiful. 

4. Increase its curb appeal: Although the interiors of the home matter a lot in increasing the value of your home, the exteriors are also important. So make sure to create a good impression when it comes to the front yard and the front door. Create an impression that would wow your passers-by. 

Are you planning to keep your property’s look unique? Then you need to follow the maintaining steps which are mentioned above. These steps will not only help to increase the resale value of your property but also they can make your property more attractive. 

Thursday, 27 June 2019

A Note on the Smart Tricks To Restore a Mid- Century Furniture

Furniture restoration and repair is an intimidating task. Most of the homeowners are yet unaware of the ways to approach varied refinishing jobs. Thus, they prefer consulting professionals for relevant advice. To be precise, the mid-century furniture restoration is done best when left to the experts.

Creating these exceptional pieces require craftsmanship of unmatched quality and it is silly to put all that work to risk considering a mere amount. The approach of a mid-century furnishing is broad and people are mostly on a tight budget. Keeping this in mind, a list of tips and hints are jotted down in the write-up below to make the best decisions on furniture restoration

Points to Remember

Prior to undertaking any furniture refurbishments, repairs or restoration tasks, you need to keep the following points in mind.
  • Don't undertake any refurbishment that surely won't return the furnishing to its former appeal. If you're keen on upcycling the vintage furniture, you better opt for something cheerful and budget-friendly.
  • If you're sceptical about carrying out the repairs on a piece of valuable furniture, don't hesitate to contact an expert for guidance.
  • Never start a restoration or repair project if you don't have the proper materials and tools. 
  • Re-upholstering armchairs, dining chairs and lounges require patience and skills. Hence, getting the task done by experts will not only save you time but also ensure quality finishes.


While carrying out a restoration project, you must opt for a well-ventilated space specifically while working with strippers, oils and thinners. It is necessary to have a mask, safety goggles and a pair of gloves when repairing a furnishing.


For re-upholstery, it is always recommended to avoid patterns and opt for the neutral coloured fabric. This would enable your furnishing to fit seamlessly into multiple other decor schemes. Know your purpose behind using the fabric and choose accordingly. If you're confused regarding what exactly you need, it is advised to choose a hardwearing material such as brushed cotton.


There are two kinds of webbing namely polypropylene and rubber.  Rubber, comprising a greater level of elasticity, is likely to provide one with a comfortable sleeping or seating experience. Webbing can be properly stapled to a frame or attached with dowels. The latter helps in creating a more professional finish. For best results, feel free to contact a reputable webbing stretcher. 

If you're keen on consulting the professionals for Ercol restoration, feel free to conduct effectual research to rely on the trusted hands. Browse through the Internet and shortlist the name that has a few years of experience and a positive reputation for offering quality furniture restoration solutions at best prices. 

Monday, 4 March 2019

Handpicked Benefits Of Custom Furniture

From the last 10 years and on, custom furniture has become very popular for various reasons. Not only because of the budget options but also of the varieties. There are many furniture buyers who have started understanding the benefits of choosing custom furniture in UK

Custom Furniture UK

These 4 points will explore what these benefits are: 

Get exactly what you want

Many ready-made furniture items usually do not prioritize the design aspects that may be important to you. For custom furniture, the designer knows exactly which pieces he should use. They will use the wood of your choice, provide the kind of finishes you desire and even use fabric colors that create the visual appeal you intend to achieve.  Custom-made furniture gives you the chance to showcase your creativity.

Fits well in different spaces

A custom furniture designer will measure your interior space and design furniture that fits nicely. If you are dealing with restricted space, custom-made furniture presents workable solutions because it is built to fit your space. Buying custom-made furniture will enable you to get a couch which perfectly fits in that small space in the corner of your living room where any other ready-made seat can't be placed. This is how you can make the available spaces.

The Budget

Every customer needs the value of their money. Although the cost of buying custom furniture may be a bit high in relation to shop-bought furniture, you will get the exact features you want. Specify what you want for your furniture and make sure it falls within the available budget.

No need for supply chain intermediaries

Transparency in today's market dealings is supremely important. Buying custom-made furniture makes a direct connection between the maker and the customer. This reduces any doubts regarding the wood. There may be a remarkable cut in cost since there is no mediator to inflate the prices based on the quality, time involved in transporting, and taxes imposed on the item.

The tidiness of a room is determined by the arrangement of every object of the room. That depends on the customization ideas of yours. So custom made furniture helps to make space in your required area and the furniture is made how you want it to be. These are some benefits which will help you to learn the advantages of custom furniture in the UK.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

What are the Advantages of Having Bespoke Furniture in Your House?

If you are looking for new furniture then you will obviously be looking to have furniture which will suit your need and also the space in which you are supposed to keep. By keeping all these requirements in mind, the best solution for you will be bespoke furniture.

From time to time, it is good to upgrade your furniture. It brings a new and fascination look to your house. However, if you are looking for furniture upgrading then this time, there will be a difference. You should look for a piece which will both suit your need, the space where you will keep it, and the interior decoration of your house. Finding furniture which will fulfill all these requirements to the point is a tough task. But, if you look to have bespoke furniture in your house then you can fulfill all these requirements. That is why choosing bespoke furniture in Reading is a great option.

1. Fulfills Your Need

You must be looking to fulfill some sort of a need by having new furniture in your house. The bespoke furniture is made by keeping your requirements in mind. You have to convey what you need to the craftsman and he will craft the furniture accordingly.

2. Suits Space Where You will Keep It

The bespoke furniture is created as per the space in which it will be kept. You can bring fancy furniture in your home but that will never suit the space in which it will be kept if you have limited space in the house. In such a case, bespoke furniture is your ideal choice.

3. Suits the Interior Decoration of Your House

The craftsman will craft the bespoke furniture as per the interior decoration of your house. That is why even if you have new furniture in your house, it will not ruin but enhance the interior decoration of your house.

4. Take Help from the Right Person

When you are looking to craft the best bespoke furniture in Reading, you will need to choose the right craftsman by looking at the following things:
  • The portfolio of the craftsman
  • The experience the craftsman has in making bespoke furniture
  • The reputation earned by the craftsman.

If you choose the craftsman for you bespoke furniture by looking at these aforementioned things then you will be able to create mesmerizing furniture for your house.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Why Should You Be Choosing Bespoke Furniture?

Having bespoke furniture in your house enhances the overall ambiance of your house. It makes your house more aesthetically compelling, and that is why having bespoke furniture in your house is a wise decision. Once you have bespoke furniture, you will grow fond of them for sure.

When you are looking to have new furniture, you have the option of choosing bespoke furniture. This furniture will be created in your house and according to the measurements of the place where it will be placed. Therefore, you will get a superior performance by choosing bespoke furniture in Berkshire. However, there are some people who are still skeptic about bespoke furniture and wonder whether it is worth it to have it in their house. So, in this article, let's discuss some of the advantages of having bespoke furniture in your house.

Make Your Rooms Seamless

When you have furniture in your rooms according to space they will occupy, you make the rooms seamless. You pic places where the furniture will be kept and the expert will create the furniture as per your wish which will ensure that you have the perfect furniture according to the size and space which will surely give your house a greater flow.

Create a Design that Suits Your Lifestyle

It is often seen that peoples opt for furniture which actually doesn’t suit their lifestyle. They actually live a different lifestyle as compared to what their furniture is conveying. That is why when you have bespoke furniture in your house, you will convey the exact lifestyle you are leading as the furniture will be created according to your taste.

Greater Quality

When you have the experts come to your house and create the best bespoke furniture in Berkshire, you will definitely have the best-quality product as it is made in front of your eyes. 


There is one thing that only bespoke furniture will give you, and that is flexibility. When you create bespoke furniture for your house, you will be able to use it for different purposes because it will be that much flexible and give you multiple services in one go.

Finally, the popularity of bespoke furniture was always there because people would love to have the furniture created as per their needs. So, if you want the same then contact experts as soon as possible.

Friday, 23 November 2018

What Are The Benefits Of Furniture Restoration?

Most of the residents here in the UK are bound to have a furniture that is either antique or old, and that old piece of furniture holds a special value that can not be justified with money. People just love to enhance the beauty and respect of the interior decor, you can find several homeowners having special bondage with such antique furniture pieces. 

An heirloom gets worn out easily if it is not taken properly. And some of the house owners make the toughest decision to replace the furniture. However, with the aid of the right furniture manufacturer, you can restore your furniture back to its pristine form. In the UK you can find several furniture manufacturers who offer both custom furniture installation and restoration, pick the one which suits your needs. Furniture restoration is the way by which you can give your furniture new and a fresh look. The guideline below will depict the reasons why you should go for furniture restoration instead of investing in a new furniture.

Good For Environment: For every new heirloom pieces a furniture manufacturer produces, a good amount of carbon is sent to the atmosphere. So, you should always consider refurbishing an old furniture instead of buying a new one as it lowers the carbon emissions and protects the environment. By choosing an eco-friendly option like the furniture restoration you place your step forward in saving the environment.

Save Money: Furniture restoration not only saves the planet earth but also, save your money. If you want to buy a high-quality dining table, then you will have to spend thousands of dollars, however, you will have to spend a fraction of that price if you plan to refurbish the existing dining table of your home. By undergoing the restoration process, your furniture will get anew life and anew look which will help that piece to preserve its value. 

Find A New Design: Furniture is not the thing that homeowners tend to buy every now and then, however, if you invest in the quality of pieces and expect them to last long, then there a lot of pressure attached to it. You may be fond of the sleek and the modern look of the furniture, but with time the furniture piece loses its aesthetic look and shine. To help your furniture to get back to its pristine glory, you must seek help from a furniture manufacturer. He will help your furniture to get back its lost glory. Furniture restoration gives you options to explore new design and style without the need to purchase new furniture every single year.

These are the benefits of furniture restoration. In the UK you will find several furniture manufacturers who offer full-service restoration with a special emphasis on quality workmanship and desired customer satisfaction.