Friday, 26 August 2016

Residential Furniture Trends Of 2016

The concept of placing furniture strategically within different rooms of a house for enhancing interior decor has become like a craze among homeowners. And this year, this fad seems to be at its peak with the increasing demand for furniture as decorative pieces in residences. As such, a wide variety of trends associated with the craze have sprung up to much delight of interior designers and consumers. Let’s take a look at those trends in detail:

Fitted Furniture

This trend can not only aid in maximising the available space within a room, but also provide ample of storage in the form of shelving and cabinets. Fitted furniture is perfect for spaces that are congested or shaped awkwardly. It is generally used for improving the elegance of a room and ensuring a tidy place to unwind at after the end of a long day.

Colourful Options

Most of us are aware of the fact that bringing about colours inside a room having neutral decoration is the best way to inject life into it. And colours can also be thrown in using furniture pieces in different tones. A room with walls painted in muted shades can receive a boost in its appeal if a colourful furniture piece is placed within it.

Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke or custom made pieces are the best furniture options because they can be easily personalised to ideally match the appearance of any living space. Nowadays, they are commonly preferred for various rooms of a household, including bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. This very well explains the abrupt surge in popularity of furniture makers in Berkshire.

Dual Purpose Pieces

For those who wish to maintain clutter free space, choosing dual purpose furniture and accessories can be a great start. Pieces serving a two-fold duty are also great additions to spaces that must be used carefully in a stylish manner. A daybed hat can be used both as a bed and couch is a great instance of dual purpose furniture.

Retro Styling

Retro or old-fashioned furniture has gotten very popular among many homeowners in love with revival of the 70s era. Even mid century styles are being adopted in order to achieve an adaptable and minimalist look for a modern-style home.

So these are the trends that can be expected to stay large all throughout this year and are suitable for completing the interior decor of any modern household, according to what interior designers say.

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  1. I love the concept of using furniture to throw some color in the room. That's such a simple solution. It guarantees that any bland room can be brought to life.