Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Tips To Maintain Commercial Floors During Winter

Winter is knocking at the door. Temperatures will start to fall and snows will soon cover the entire ground. But with the same time, arrival of winter also indicates that your commercial floors have to go through a tough time. During winter, both the customers as well as the employees track in snow, salt and dirt from outside, and the extra junk and moisture  ends up on the floors of your office premises. However, if you do not take immediate action to remove all those extra moisture and stains from the surface, then the effects of winter may last for a longer period of time. 

In order to prevent your floors from getting effected from the outside snow, salt, sand and damps, follow the below mentioned winter-floor maintenance tips that have been stated by the experts of commercial cleaning services in Perth:

1. Use entry mats: One of the best ways to prevent people from tracking the outside slush and snow in your business area is by providing them a place where they can wipe their feet before stepping in. Using large commercial entry mats are an excellent option to trap the dirt and absorb the moisture into it. Place a sign board stating “please wipe your feet” at the main entrance door of your office premises. However, don't forget to clean the mats frequently so that they can be maintained for a long period of time effectively. 

2. Polish the floors with durable acrylic finish: A durable acrylic finish creates a barrier between your commercial floor and other outer dirts, debris or chemicals. Along with this, it also helps to create a shining and attractive look of the entire flooring area. On the other hand, if you already use acrylic polish on the floors , then consider to increase its application frequency  for winter.

3. Increase the vacuuming frequency: During the winter season, people toss sand and pebbles on the slippery icy walkways & parking spaces in order to make it skit resistance. However, it may be a better way to prevent falls and slips, but with the same time it becomes one of the crucial reasons behind your damaged carpets during winter. In order to save your commercial carpets from getting hampered by the sands, or pebbles make sure to increase the vacuuming frequency. This will not only help to remove the small particles from your carpet, but will also increase its longevity. 

So what are you waiting for? Winter is approaching. Start to take care of your floors and prevent them from getting damaged. Contact with a professional immediately. 

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