Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Buying Pre-Owned Ercol Furniture?

Selecting and purchasing pre-owned furniture is generally considered as a daunting task by many. When it comes to buying something of Ercol and you do not have much idea about it, it is quite obvious for you to feel confused. The first thing you need to know is that Ercol  pieces were designed excellently using quality materials capable of standing the tests of time. But to stay safe from scammers and distinguish fake from original ones, there are certain things which you will have to consider and observe meticulously. Given below are some of them, have a look:

Signature Attributes

At times, fraudsters may try to sell ordinary furniture at sky-high rates by listing them Ercol. The only way that you can prevent yourself from falling victim to them is by familiarising yourself with the different signature attributes of the famous vintage furniture brand, which include intricate carvings and an overall chunky design. The chairs feature spindles on the backs and legs sloping outward. The wood used is generally pine, elm or beech, with rare utilisation of walnut, oak and ash as well. Each piece usually feels solid and sturdy, yet this can change with age.


When examining an Ercol furniture piece, make sure it has markings that verify its authenticity. The stamps can differ in their design, and there may even be labels or badges instead. However, every item will have some kind of a marking. If you wish to know more about the labels, stamps and badges, do a little bit of research over the Internet.


In case the piece you are considering for purchase has suffered from damage over time, you can either ask the owner for getting it repaired or take it to a company offering Ercol restoration. Before that, it is imperative that you take a note of the finish that's already present on it. The finish can either be clear and light or traditional and darker. If the colour of the piece has faded, you can be sure that it was exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. There is another catch - an authentic piece of Ercol furniture generally ages by mellowing naturally, and attains a beautiful tone. This information can also serve as a dictating factor when you are examining the originality of a product.

For many people, buying Ercol furniture can be a huge investment. If you are the same, it would be better if you take the above mentioned factors into account.

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