Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Fundamental Factors To Consider When Opting For A Bepsoke Furniture

Getting a bespoke furniture created can be a wonderful process if the piece that you are wanting to get prepared is entirely unique. Moreover, the experience of owning furniture made to order can be even more delightful if it is crafted as per the rich craftsmanship and design of furniture of Britain. However, you have to consider several fundamental factors when opting for a bespoke furniture in Reading. Some of those basic elements are as follows:


Investment should be done properly by dividing the manufacturing cost and design fees, and each of them must be considered separately. Proper investment is extremely essential if you want something which matches exactly with your requirements and specifications, and it would also depend on the amount of time taken for completing the furniture piece. Presentation of designs can be made in the form of sketches, models or computer aided diagrams. However, models or computer aided drawings can be a bit expensive. But they can help to identify any issue occurring with the design and get the matter resolved immediately.

Make a List

It is important for you to be absolutely clear about what you want. A good furniture maker will enquire you about your specifications several times before starting their work. Keep ready a list of requirements such as functionality, suitable size and location within the room. The maker or designer will extract such details from you properly during the long discussion and make an outline as per your requisites. It any require more than one discussion for both parties to reach a satisfactory conclusion.


As has been mentioned earlier, custom furniture pieces are expensive. Therefore, it is important for you to have a sensible discussion with your furniture maker about the cost long before anything is finalised. Most people speculate that cost of the material is the primary dictating factor. However, the kind of timber used, the type of upholstery, the amount of labour required to design the item, are some of the other important factors as well in deciding the price.


A majority of furniture makers offering bespoke services usually undercharge for their work. Some of them even end up working for extra hours and do not charge anything for that. Bigger firms understand the commercial principles better, but independent designers are more interested in achieving customer satisfaction than making profit. Therefore, most designers expect their clients to pay at least half of the manufacturing cost while the work is in progress.

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