Thursday, 18 June 2015

Display Cabinets And Their Different Types

Many collectors like to store their favourite items that they have collected from different places in display cabinets. It is an excellent way of exhibiting these items while protecting them from sunlight, dust and other detrimental factors. Display cabinets, are after all, useful pieces of furniture for owners of retail stores. They come in various sizes and are generally made of wood, plastic or metal, accompanied by panels made of acrylic or glass so that the collectibles can be viewed. Some glass panels are even provided with an ultraviolet resistant coating that safeguards the colours of the exhibits from fading due to sunlight.
Sometimes known as display cases as well, these cabinets are manufactured in various shapes and sizes and are often meant for holding a large collection of items. Big cabinets are often built solidly and have interior lights, resembling those commonly seen in jewellery and antique shops. Some cases are themselves designed in antique styles, and may include curio cabinets, bookcases and china cabinets. Custom display cabinets can be built for holding a large set of items, such as those made for keeping model vehicles. These have shelves set at particular heights that enable accommodation of smaller objects. Small display cases are generally made for collectors to store a few hand-picked items. They have plastic or wooden bases and rectangular or dome-shaped covers made with acrylic or glass. The items usually stored in these small variants include model vehicles, air planes, ships, and also dolls, flower exhibits and figurines.
Display cases that are typically used by retail stores are large and come in various styles and designs. The most common types of chiffoniers used in retail shops include tower chiffoniers, horizontal cases, optical exhibit chiffoniers, counter-top and wall mounters, knock down cases, wall chiffoniers and those specially designed for holding jewellery.
Some shops selling custom made furniture in Berkshire also provide bespoke display chiffoniers. Depending upon the store which is providing that option, custom cases may be built to hold a single prized collectible, or a few chosen items. While noting down the measurements for a tailored case, care must be taken to include enough room for surrounding the collectibles within the dimensions of the chiffonier.
Display cabinets are essential investments for people who are genuine collectors and those who own retail businesses. Items left in the atmosphere can get layered with thick coatings of dust and dirt over time, and also become subject to damage from UV rays and other detrimental factors. A well designed chiffonier can ensure the safety of collectibles as well as retail items.

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